Sneak peek at July 2019 new royalty books

As promised (and on time!) here is your sneak peek at next month's new books about royalty.

Caligula by Stephen Dando-Collins. Chronicles the horrors of the Roman emperor's manic reign.

Alexander III by Norman H. Reid. Presiding over an age of prosperity, Alexander III represented the zenith of Scottish medieval kingship.

Anna, Duchess of Cleves by Heather R. Darsie. Looks at Henry VIII's fourth wife as a woman from the Holy Roman Empire.

British Royal and Imperial Relations, 1868-2018 by Peter Kornicki, Antony Best, and Hugh Cortazzi. The history of relations between the British and Japanese monarchies.

Meet Me in Monaco by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb. Fictional account of Princess Grace's friendship with a perfumer.

As always, publication dates are subject to change. The full list of new royalty books will be published on the Books page on July 1. Don't want to wait that long? Then don't! You can go over there right now to see all of the new books for May and June.

If I could only read one of the books listed above, I would pick Anna, Duchess of Cleves. (Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows I can't resist books about Henry VIII.) Which book would you choose?

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