Sneak peek at November 2019 new royalty books

Our monthly royal book Sneak Peeks have a new home here at the World of Royalty blog. I already owned the domain and decided I might as well use it. The old Sneak Peeks (going back to June 2008) and all other previous blog content will remain on the Royal News Blog, along with any future royal news I might decide to post there.

Without further ado, here's your sneak peek at November's new royalty books!

Rameses III, King of Egypt by Aidan Dodson. An illustrated look at the life of the last great pharaoh.

Richard III: A Failed King? by Rosemary Horrox. A short biography of the English king.

Uncrowned Queen by Nicola Tallis. Biography of English king Henry VII's extraordinarily ambitious mother, Margaret Beaufort.

Making Peace in an Age of War by Mark Hengerer. Biography of the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III (1608-1657).

The Crown: The Official Book, Volume 2 by Robert Lacey. Companion to the second and third seasons of the Netflix drama about Queen Elizabeth II. (Volume 1 is also available.)

The Other Windsor Girl by Georgie Blalock. Fictional account of the life of Queen Elizabeth II's sister, Princess Margaret.

And here's a bonus book due to be published on October 29. I didn't find out about it in time to include it in last month's sneak peek:

The Other Side of the Coin by Angela Kelly. Anecdotes and photographs from the designer in charge of the wardrobe of Queen Elizabeth II.

For the full list of November's new royalty books, visit the Books page on November 1. Of course, you can go over there right now to see the October new book list, plus catch a glimpse of the September list before it's gone!

If I could only read one of the books listed above, I would choose Uncrowned Queen due to my unending Tudor obsession. Which book would you choose?

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