Where and why the Sneak Peek moved

Here's your Sneak Peek at the December 2019 new royalty books!

Why did I move it to a new blog? Well, it's been years since I posted news here at the Royal News Blog, and I felt silly about keeping the blog active for non-news content. I already had the World of Royalty domain, so why not use it?

The boring story of me and my domains
When I was first thinking about registering a domain for the main World of Royalty site, the conventional wisdom was that everyone needed a dot-com domain because web surfers wouldn't remember or trust anything else. Silly, I know. My site, which was located on Geocities at the time, was called World of Royalty, but as I recall royalty.nu was already taken. I went with Royalty.nu because it seemed sufficiently memorable — and I'm glad to say that many people do visit it and remember it.

My parents, however, have never been able to remember Royalty.nu. For more than 20 years they have been telling people that my site is royalty.nu. So when I noticed that domain had become available, I felt obligated to register it. That was years ago. I've been through several different blogs, and I dimly recall blogging at royalty.nu for awhile. More recently the domain has been redirecting to Royalty.nu or Royal News Blog (I can't even remember which). I told you this was boring!

Anyway, Royal News Blog will stay online for now with all its old content. And if I decide to blog again about current royal news, I'll probably do it here.

Longtime visitors know that every month I post a Sneak Peek at the next month's new royalty books. Going forward, those will reside on the sparkling new World of Royalty Blog. (Check it out!)

If you'd like to look back at the old Sneak Peeks (going back to June 2008), you can still find them here on the Royal News Blog.

See you over on the new blog!

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