Sneak peek at September 2021 new royalty books

Unlike 2020, the year 2021 seems to be flying by, doesn't it? Here's your sneak peek at September's new royalty books! As always, publication dates are subject to change.

The Last Viking by Don Hollway. A biography of King Harald III (Harald Hardrada) of Norway.

In the Shadow of the Empress by Nancy Goldstone. The lives of Hasburg empress Maria Theresa and her daughters Maria Christina, Maria Carolina, and Marie Antoinette.

Divine Lola by Cristina Morató. 19th century dancer Lola Montez became the obsession of Bavaria's King Ludwig I.

Máel Coluim III, Canmore by Neil McGuigan. Scottish king Máel Coluim's reign coincided with the Norman Conquest.

King John, Henry III and England's Lost Civil War by John Paul Davis. How two very different kings threatened and created the English way of life.

The Queen by Matthew Dennison. This biography looks at Elizabeth II as a champion of British values.

The Duchess by Wendy Holden. Fiction. Wallis Simpson falls in love with the Prince of Wales, but her fairy tale becomes a nightmare.

I would hate to be limited to reading only one of the books listed above, but if that happened, I would select In the Shadow of the Empress because there aren't nearly enough English-language books about Empress Maria Theresa. Which book would you choose?

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