Sneak peek at April 2022 new royalty books

This month brings us new books about Queen Elizabeth II, British royal secrets and scandals, and more! Here's your sneak peek.

Queen of Our Times by Robert Hardman. The life of Elizabeth II, who has reigned through more social change than any other British monarch.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II by Brian Hoey. A Platinum Jubilee celebration of the queen's 70-year reign.

The Palace Papers by Tina Brown. Inside the modern House of Windsor, including tension between royals, Harry and Meghan's departure, and the downfall of Prince Andrew.

Scandals of the Royal Palaces by Tom Quinn. Outrageous behaviour of British royals, palace officials, courtiers, and more.

Tea at the Palace by Carolyn Robb. A former chef for the British royal family shares 50 afternoon tea recipes.

Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Hearts by Nadine Akkerman. Biography. Daughter of Britain's James VI and I, Elizabeth was briefly queen of Bohemia.

Persians by Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones. Tells the story of the Achaemenid Persian kings, who ruled over the largest empire of antiquity.

Publication dates are subject to change. For the full list of April's new royalty books, visit the Books page next month.

If I could read only one of the books listed above, I would pick Tina Brown's The Palace Papers, because who doesn't wonder what's really going on behind the scenes of the British royal family these days? Which book would you choose?

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