Sneak peek at July 2022 new royalty books

July will bring plenty of books about royalty, especially British royalty past and present! Here's your sneak peek.

William at 40 by Robert Jobson. A biography of the future king.

Traitor King by Andrew Lownie. Portrays the exiled Duke and Duchess of Windsor as spoiled, selfish people.

The Lady Di Look Book by Eloise Moran. What Princess Diana was trying to tell us through her clothes.

Queen Elizabeth II: A Glorious 70 Years by Alison James. A tribute to the queen in words and pictures.

John of Gaunt by Kathryn Warner. Son of King Edward III, John was the wealthiest and most hated man in England.

The Fall of Charles I by Jane Hayter-Hames. Examines why the king of Scotland, England, and Ireland was executed.

Publication dates are subject to change. For the full list of July's new royalty books, visit the Books page next month.

If I could only read one of the books listed above, I think I would pick the one about John of Gaunt because I enjoy reading about medieval times. Which book would you choose?

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