The Royal News Blog has a new home…

… and it is the World of Royalty Blog! Yes, I've decided it's time to remove the old Royal News Blog from the Internet, but I have imported its content over here to the World of Royalty Blog.

If you're not familiar with the Royal News Blog, you won't be surprised to hear that it focused on, well, royal news. The news content goes back to 2008 (although this may change as I delete old, expired content). In 2016, I stepped back from regularly covering royal news due to exhaustion. (You can read about that here.) I do regret that decision now, and in fact I regretted it then, but that's how it goes.

As I've already mentioned, much of this content may have expired, but you may find some interesting things to peruse, too. As an example, here are posts about Spain's Queen Letizia. Or Princess Letizia, as she was called once upon a time!

I've had other blogs over the years, so there is another category of content for history, books, and more that goes back to 2005. Here's my very first blog post. So long ago! If you're interested in checking out the old, older, and oldest content, check out the Categories and Archive links in the sidebar.

The old Royal News Blog will go offline soon. To make sure you can always find blog(s), update your Royal News Blog links to And the main World of Royalty site at, of course, will remain

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