Sneak peek at October 2022 new royalty books

On the way in October are new books about British, Egyptian, and Danish royalty, and more! Here's your sneak peek.

The Royal Gardens at Highgrove by Gill Knappett. An illustrated history of the gardens then-prince Charles III created, including The Sundial Garden, Cottage Garden, Thyme Walk, Wildflower Meadow, and more.

A Royal Life by HRH the Duke of Kent and Hugo Vickers. Based on conversations Queen Elizabeth II's first cousin, who witnessed key events in her reign.

In Cars: On Diana by Leanne Shapton. Visual essay and poem by artist who paints pictures of Princess Diana getting out of cars.

Empire, Celebrity and Excess by Martin Francis. King Farouk of Egypt and British culture, 1936-1965.

The Story of Tutankhamun by Garry J. Shaw. This biography tells the full story of Egypt's boy king.

Ten Kings' Clothes: Royal Danish Dress, 1596-1863 by Katia Johansen. An illustrated look at clothes belonging to the Danish kings from Christian IV to Frederik VII.

Publication dates are subject to change. The full list of October's new royalty books will be published on the Books page next month. But you don't have to wait till then. You can go over there right now and check out the August and September new book lists.

If I could only pick one of the books listed above, I would probably pick The Royal Gardens at Highgrove because I'd enjoy seeing photos of the new king's famous gardens. Which book would you choose?

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