Sneak peek at November 2022 new royalty books

Surprise! The sneak peek is early this month. And as you can see from the long list below, November is going to be a fantastic month for people who love to read about royalty. Here's your sneak peek!

The King by Christopher Andersen. A biography of Britain's new king, Charles III.

The Queen: Her Life by Andrew Morton. Biography of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned for more than 70 years.

Do Let's Have Another Drink! by Gareth Russell. This book recounts 101 amusing vignettes about Britain's Queen Mother, who died in 2002 at age 101.

Behind the Crown by Arthur Edwards. Photos from UK newspaper The Sun's royal photographer of more than 45 years.

Christmas at the Palace by Carolyn Robb. Former royal chef shares British royal Christmas recipes and traditions.

All the Queen's Jewels, 1445-1548 by Nicola Tallis. About the jewelry of the queen consorts of English kings Henry VI through Henry VIII.

Egypt's Golden Couple by John Darnnell and Colleen Darnell. The controversial reign of pharaoh Akhenaten and his wife, Nefertiti.

The Planetary King by Ebba Koch. Illustrated look at the life of 16th century Mughal emperor Humayun Padshah.

Helena Augusta by Julia Hillner. Biography of the mother of the first Christian emperor, Constantine.

Nero by Anthony Everitt and Roddy Ashworth. According to this biography, Rome's notorious Emperor Nero wasn't all bad.

As always, publication dates are subject to change. To see the full list of November's new royalty books, visit the Books page next month. In fact, here's a secret: for once, I'm planning to post the new book list before the first day of the month. I'll probably do that at the end of this week. So keep an eye on that page if you want another sneak peek!

If I could only read one of the books listed above, I would probably choose The King because I enjoyed Christoper Andersen's previous book Diana's Boys. Which book do you most want to read?

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