Sneak peek at March 2023 new royalty books

There's an excellent assortment of new royalty books scheduled for publication in March! Here's your sneak peek:

Black Crown by Paul Clammer. Born into slavery, Henry Christophe defeated Napoleon's armies and became king of Haiti.

Charlene by Arlene Prinsloo. Biography of the Olympic swimmer who married Prince Albert of Monaco.

In Search of Amrit Kaur by Livia Manera Sambuy. About a Punjabi princess who disappeared in 1933. Did she die in a Nazi concentration camp?

The Last Kings of Macedonia and the Triumph of Rome by Ian Worthington. About Philip V, his son Perseus, and the pretender Andriscus.

Llywelyn the Great by Roger Turvey. Biography of Wales's greatest prince.

A History of Royal Britain in 100 Objects by Gill Knappett. Ordered chronologically from Alfred the Great to Queen Elizabeth II.

A Most Intriguing Lady by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. Fiction. A duke's daughter moonlights as a sleuth.

As always, publication dates are subject to change, and the full list of new royalty books will be available on the Books page on the first day of the month.

If I could only read one of the books listed above, I would definitely pick Black Crown because I'd like to learn more about Haiti and its short-lived monarchy. Which book would you choose?

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