Sneak peek at June 2023 new royalty books

In June, publishers will bring us new books about Ethiopian royalty, English monarchs, ancient Rome, and much more! Here's your sneak peek. (As always, publication dates are subject to change.)

The Prince and the Plunder by Andrew Heavens. In 1868, British troops took six-year-old Prince Alamayuto of Ethiopia to England. He was never allowed to go home.

The First Royal Media War by Adrian Phillips. The abdication of Britain's Edward VIII and the press.

Messalina: Empress, Adulteress, Libertine by Honor Cargill-Martin. The life of Emperor Claudius's notorious third wife.

Julius Caesar in Egypt by Philip Matyszak. Cleopatra and the war in Alexandria.

Anne Boleyn & Elizabeth I by Tracy Borman. The mother and daughter who forever changed British history.

Edward VI by Stephanie Kline. Henry VIII's son had a lasting impact on religion in England.

The Boy King's Tale by Michael January. Fiction. Love, betrayal, and murder in the early days of English king Edward III's reign.

For the full list of new royalty books, visit the Books page on June 1.

If I could only read one of the books listed above, I would choose Messalina because I like reading about ancient Rome. Which book would you choose?

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