Hello, Royalty.nu visitors!

If all goes as planned, visitors to Royalty.nu should soon find themselves here on the former World of Royalty Blog, which is now the new Royalty.nu.

And yes, it's me, Cinderella, the same person who has always run the World of Royalty site and blogs.

This site is a hodgepodge of old blog content, and it hasn't been updated in a while, as you can see by looking around. Will Royalty.nu always be like this? Maybe not. I've been daydreaming about starting a discussion site for royal watchers. Not an old-fashioned message board. More of a newfangled forum/social media type place. (Better than Twitter, I promise.) But it would cost a lot more to host than a regular website, and I don't know if enough people would visit and post to make it worthwhile.

Anyway, Royalty.nu has not died. It's gone into hibernation because I lack the time and money to bring it fully back to life. I haven't forgotten my wonderful visitors. I'm still around! I hope you are, too.

Comments, questions, royal news? Please leave a comment!

3 Replies to “Hello, Royalty.nu visitors!”

  1. The World of Royalty website turned 25 this year. It started in 1998 and didn't move to the Royalty.nu domain (from Geocities) till 2001. Since then it's had only one redesign, and that was in 2008. So maybe it's overdue for a change…

  2. I wish you start your new blog and royal chat. I am your fan and I miss your discussion clubs. I am from Russia.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Mstislav, and for being a Royalty.nu visitor! I still want to start a new royalty forum. I have been held back by big changes currently going on in my life, and also, of course, the expense. It's good to know people remain interested, and I'll keep it in mind!

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