Looking for something?

If you have bookmarked links to the old version of the Royalty.nu site, they probably won't work now. Feel free to leave a comment telling me what you're looking for. I might be able to repost it for you.

The book lists, for instance, can come back. Let me know what you need.

3 Replies to “Looking for something?”

  1. Do you have a book list for African royalty ? No specific country really just the whole list. I was looking through all the African countries when the website was full.

    1. Gabriel, thank you for your interest! (And sorry it took me so long to reply.) I still have that, and I'll get it posted here on the blog for you. It's a lot of material so I'll split it over separate posts, and it may not all go up at the same time.

  2. Hello,
    I've been a fan from the early years. Could I please have the story of A Prince in the British Isles appointed by Queen Elizabeth (his not from the reigning Windsor family).

    Also, can I have the story of an Irish princely family. They used to be be kings in a part of Ireland once. Don't remember the name, though.

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