Worst dressed royals?

Fashion critic Mr. Blackwell died recently. From 1960 to 2007 he released a yearly list of the world's Worst Dressed Women. Over the years, several royal women topped the list. I managed to find some photos of them during the years in question:

1965 – Princess Margaret (Photo)
1969 – Queen Elizabeth II (Photo)
1982 – Princess Diana (Photo)
1985 – Princess Stephanie of Monaco (Photo)
1988 – Sarah, Duchess of York (Photo)
1994 – Camilla Parker Bowles (who later became Duchess of Cornwall). I couldn't find a photo of her in 1994.

In recent years, the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have come along to take the heat off the royals.

Style watch: Princess Letizia

I shouldn't criticize because I'm not exactly the world's best-dressed person myself, but I don't like this outfit on Spain's Princess Letizia. I think she looks like she's wearing an over-sized clown suit. Your opinion?

(2010 update: I had to remove the photo from this blog post because it was causing technical problems, and I can no longer find it online — sorry! If I come across it, I will update this post again. Meantime, I am leaving the post up because it has comments.)

2012 UPDATE: This might be the jacket in question, though it's unbuttoned. I think it was buttoned in the photo I originally posted here. It looks nice in this photo…