A sneak peek at a new blog

For those who like sneak peeks, take a look at a very new blog:

(Such a creative name!)

There's nothing there now. But it will be the future home of the royal book sneak peeks, and maybe a few other things.

Tinkering with the blog

I was having trouble with the old blog theme, so I've changed it to something more readable in Firefox. Things may be in disarray for a while!

Royal blog chaos

I'm having blog hosting problems. Right now only older posts (from 2014 and earlier) are available. The whole blog may disappear again from time to time. Sorry. I hope to get this resolved within a few days.

UPDATE: OK, I think the situation is resolved, more or less. Some old images have been lost along the way, but they probably won't be missed. I'll try to get things more organized over the next few days. !!!

Problem with images not displaying

There is an intermittent problem today with Getty images not displaying. (This seems to affect all websites using embedded images from Getty, not just this site.) Sorry for the inconvenience; it probably won't last for very long.

No Royal Week in Review

I'm taking some time off, so there will be no Royal Week in Review this week, but you can still check out the Royalty.nu News page to see what's been going on in the world of royalty. And I'll be back to my royal duties soon.