You never know where you're going

Nine years ago, before anyone had ever heard of blogs, back when home pages were the big Internet fad, a friend encouraged me to make my own homepage on Geocities. At that time Geocities was divided into "neighborhoods," and my friend had a homepage in the science-fiction and fantasy neighborhood, as I recall. He thought it would be fun if we were cyber-neighbors.

It's my first blogiversary

The World of Royalty blog is one year old today!

When I first started the blog, I was worried about whether I would be able to find enough time and material to post regularly. Well, after 452 posts I can safely say I was wrong about that.

I didn't anticipate how much fun blogging would be. It's great to have a place to post all the interesting, off-beat, and downright silly things I see every day that don't really fit on the main website. Not to mention a place to share my own occasional video game review, webmaster worry, or random complaint.

So, even though this blog has attracted few regular readers (I think there are three of you), I'm going to continue for another year.

Now I just have to keep myself from starting MORE blogs. (No, you do NOT have time for another blog, so stop thinking about it! Get back to work on your website! Bad webmaster!)

A dark side of royalty

Here are a few excerpts from real emails I've received through my website. Each excerpt below is from a different person (all strangers to me). I get a lot of email like this.

1. Who you think you are? I will guide you where are My family Tombs For sure you dont match our blood type and DNA.  I am B++ ++  I know your Type commoners O,  I accept Payment for [expletive] My lapel after you go to prison.

2. I found some of the blood of Jesus Christ in my morning today. (This letter was accompanied by a picture of an apparently naked man.)

3. No need to be so snooty… If [princes] are going to continue to have such an ARROGANT attitude, they should not remain in public life, and people such as yourself, only seem, for whatever idiotic reason, to foster that attitude. (This man was angry because I said in the FAQ section of my site that I don't have Prince William's email address.)

4. If you are in personal contact with [Prince William] just ask him what he thinks about these accusations that he is the next anti christ… And no i am not a crazy person but if you think that i am there is no persuiding you otherwise.

5. no more partying in south america highways we will design cars that avoid lady d no more paparazzis music controlled (This letter, which went on for hundreds of words with no punctuation, was signed "George Bush.")

6. Warning…..advantage chips. (No, I don't know what that means.)

7. Seizure elves will kill you! (This letter said nothing else, but the person who sent it had previously sent another hostile letter. As I recall, she was angry about changes I had made to my website.)

I have a friend who has worked at several online sites, including a royalty site, and he says only the royalty site attracted a lot of weird email. If you've ever wondered why I don't reveal my real name and location to my site's visitors, this is one reason why.

I'm not trying to make fun of these people, although sometimes I have to laugh to keep from crying. Years ago I received a series of very long, very bizarre emails from a man who signed himself Hel P. Me, and I think people who send this type of email often are looking for help, even if they don't realize it.

I can't help, and it bothers me.

Why a blog?

Good question. People have told me I should start a blog, but for a long time I didn't see the point. I already have a news page on my site — The World of Royalty at — and I thought a blog would just duplicate that, so why bother? Read more...