Civilization IV

I love to play computer games. And I recently bought a new game: Civilization IV.

For those who aren't familiar with the Civilization series: They are turn-based games, which means they are basically like board games. You take your turn, then your opponents (whether real people or computer-controlled) take their turns. Read more...

The real Shakespeare

It seems everyone has a theory about who really wrote Shakespeare's plays.

I have my own theory: I think Shakespeare was the real Shakespeare. But that's just crazy talk.

Morocco's King Hassan II and his sons

Morocco's King Hassan II and his sons

This photo shows Morocco's King Hassan II and his two sons, Prince Sidi Mohammed and Prince Moulay Rachid, during an arrival ceremony in the United States on November 14, 1978.

From left: Prince Moulay Rachid, Prince Sidi Mohammed (who later became King Mohammed VI), Rosalynn Carter (wife of President Carter), King Hassan II of Morocco, and U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

Source: The United States National Archives and Records Administration website. According to the NARA site, use of this photo is unrestricted.

English royalty names

This is a brand new blog, so it isn't getting many visitors, but a surprising number of people have found it by searching for "royalty names." I think they're probably looking for baby name ideas.