Swedish royalty in Spanish

Here's a nice article from Hola! about Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and her friendship with Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik and Norway's Crown Prince Haakon. It's in Spanish, which I don't read very well, but I'm trying to learn. So here, paraphrased and condensed, is what I think it says:

Princess Victoria doesn't have older brothers, but Frederik of Denmark and Haakon of Norway are like brothers to her. They can't see each other as often as they would like, but keep in touch by email and text messages. They understand well the commitment of the crown and know its inconveniences. What most bothers Victoria about being a princess is the lack of privacy. In low moments ("los momentos de bajón"?) she can always count on the support of her older half-brothers.

If you speak Spanish and would like to correct this or expand on it, please do so in the comments!

And you thought royals were boring

Well, I'm running out of eyebrows to raise, what with all the allegations of naked royal frolicking and royal butler sex in the news today.

One of today's eyebrow-raising stories is in Spanish, which I've been trying to learn, so I thought I'd practice by translating it. Here's an abbreviated version of what (I think) it says:

"Once again Joachim of Denmark has become the subject of scandal. This time, the youngest child of the Danish queen has posed as 'Man of the Week' in the magazine Se og Hor.

"In the picture, the prince shows his body with only his most private parts covered by a towel, and what's worse, it seems this particular model has received about 200 euros to appear in the magazine.

"In the photos you can see the young man with a mischievous smile and biceps, chest and stomach that some professional wrestlers would like to have."

I hasten to say that this is only gossip, as far as I know. I have no idea if it's a true story or if he really does have such great biceps.

Helpful sites I consulted while writing this post: Babelfish and Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary.

Danish royalty names

(originally published October 19, 2005)

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark have just had their first baby, a son. The baby's name has not yet been announced. So this seems like a good time to consider the topic of Danish royal names. (You can read my earlier blog entry on English royal names here.)

In the lists below I have used the Danish forms of names, with the English forms of some names in parentheses.

Names of kings of Denmark: Harald (Harold), Svend/Sven (Sweyn), Knud (Canute), Hardeknud (Hardicanute), Magnus, Oluf/Olaf, Erik (Eric), Niels, Valdemar/Waldemar, Abel, Christoffer (Christopher), Christian, Hans (John), Frederik (Frederick)

Since the 16th century, Danish kings have been alternately named Christian or Frederik. In all there have been nine King Frederiks and 10 King Christians. The current heir to the throne is named Frederik, so it is expected he will probably follow tradition and name his newborn son Christian.

Names of reigning Danish queens: Margrete/Margrethe (Margaret)

Children of the Danish monarchs of the past 200 years (if I missed any, let me know):

Christian VII's children: Frederik, Louise
Frederik VI's children: Christian, Marie, Caroline, Louise, Christian, Juliana, Frederikke (Frederica), Wilhelmine (Wilhelmina)
Christian VIII's children: Christian, Frederik
Frederik VII's children: none
Christian IX's children: Christian, Alexandra, Vilhelm/Wilhelm, Dagmar, Thyra, Valdemar
Frederik VIII's children: Christian, Carl, Louise, Harald, Ingeborg, Thyra, Gustav, Dagmar
Christian X's children: Frederik, Knud
Frederik IX's children: Margrethe, Benedikte (Benedicta), Anne-Marie
Margrethe II's children: Frederik, Joachim

A few more Danish royal names:

Princess Benedikte's children: Gustav, Alexandra, Nathalie

Prince Joachim's children: Nikolai (Nicholas), Felix

Putting all these names together produces this partial list of Danish royal names:

Male: Abel, Carl, Christian, Christoffer, Erik, Felix, Gustav, Hans, Harald, Joachim, Knud, Magnus, Niels, Nikolai, Oluf, Svend, Valdemar, Vilhelm

Female: Alexandra, Anne-Marie, Benedikte, Caroline, Dagmar, Frederikke, Ingeborg, Juliana, Louise, Margrethe, Marie, Nathalie, Thyra, Wilhelmine

I'll update this entry when the newborn prince is named!

January 2006 update: The baby's name is Christian Valdemar Henri John.