Kate Middleton in a bikini

Yes, I'm shamelessly pandering for web traffic, but this is what people are looking for now that Catherine Middleton is officially engaged to Britain's Prince William. I don't actually have any photos of Kate in a bikini, but OK Magazine does. Read more...

Kate, Paola, and Charlene

Cisca asked in a recent comment here on the blog, "Where are Charlene, Paola and Kate?"

Little has been heard about Kate Middleton (girlfriend of Prince William) recently. (Go over to the Kate Middleton Report for an update!) I believe I read somewhere that Queen Paola of Belgium didn't participate in the King's Day celebrations this year because she had the flu.

As for Charlene Wittstock (girlfriend of Prince Albert of Monaco), this photo of her was taken a few days ago:

2013 UPDATE: Sorry, this photo has expired.

The Kate Middleton Report blog

Prince William's girlfriend (and future wife?) is so popular that it would take an entire blog to do her justice, and now there is such a blog: The Kate Middleton Report.

This blog is the work of Marilyn, of Marilyn's Royal Blog fame, with some contributions from me. Whether you're a Kate fan, a Kate foe (because YOU would make a better bride for Prince William, of course), or a total Kate newbie, you should find something here to interest or amuse you, so please drop by!