From conqueror to entertainer

Jacques-Louis David 008A theme park based on Napoleon Bonaparte? It sounds like a strange project, but it's "entirely serious" according to this BBC News Magazine report.

The picture of Napoleon at left is by Jacques-Louis David. Image source: Wikimedia Commons. According to the Wikimedia site, this image is in the public domain.

"Lies, all lies"

From the blog My Napoleon Obsession, an update on the as-yet-unfilmed movie "Napoleon and Betsy." Scarlett Johansson is out and Emma Watson is in as Napoleon's supposed love interest.

Confusingly, this is not the same movie as "Betsy and the Emperor." That one is supposed to star Al Pacino, and is based on a book by Staton Rabin.

If you want to read up on the real Betsy Balcombe while you're waiting for the films to (maybe) get made, she wrote a book called To Befriend an Emperor.